Attention, aka love.

This morning, I made five eggs. Three poached, two boiled.

I aced them. All five. I took the time to watch the first poached egg. That gave me the sense for when it would be perfect. And it was. Because I paid attention.

That made it easy and a delight to try and get the same result on the other ones.

For the boiled eggs, I could rely on experience. But I had to be mindful when I slid them into the boiling water. My fine motoric skills are crap, unless I really focus. Which I did. So I aced those too.

As Leonard Cohen sang: “ring the bells that still can ring – forget your perfect offering, there is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.

I am deeply imperfect in my own unique way. But if I put in attention – and let’s just call that what that really is: love – I can strive to achieve a grade of perfection in a few things.

Big and small things. But the small things add up most, over time, if you turn doing stuff with love into a habit. Smiles and sounds of delight from my family a bonus.

What can you do with more attention today?

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