On friendship.

This is a shot of me, made by Ian Sanders.

We met each other a long time ago on Tim Ferriss’ blog. And then became friends in real life.

He shot it with an analogue camera, his trusty old Pentax with a 400 ASA Ilford black & white film.

What’s most interesting is not his gear, though, but how he looks. He captured who I am here, and what our friendship is like, in the same image.

When we meet, we always walk, talk, exchange stories and ideas. We drink coffee and often, have lunch. He lives near London, I live in Holland. Sometimes he comes to Amsterdam for a different context, I need to go to London for that. (That’s a story for another time).

Whenever we see each other (or talk on the phone), we both leave with more energy than we had before we met that day.

Thanks, Ian.

What’s the energy balance in your closest relationships?

Ian’s stuff is on Medium under @iansanders, in case you wondered.

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