On mentoring

When I was 14, I was very interested in advertising. My parents gave me David Ogilvy’s latest book. His address was in it. I sent him a letter. He replied – in typical D.O. fashion – “I do not believe you are only fourteen. Please send me a photograph of yourself. Here are my answers to your questions anyway.”

We became friends and he was my first mentor in many ways. Some of the things I learnt from him only really started to land in my forties, that’s how wise he was. Or how unwise I remained for a long time, also an option.

Later in life, David Kantor played a similar role in shaping the next phase in my craftsmanship. Now, I am fortunate to be sought out on occasion by others to be their mentor.

I think these relationships are very formative. It’s another example of how alternating between giving and receiving can bring fulfilment and joy to life.

How has mentorship played a role in your life?

Image:  S&B Magazine

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