“Launching a business”

Today Marjolein and I are launching a business.

The funny thing is: we’re not.

The cake you see is on her kitchen table because we have been working together for a little over a year now. Being the considerate friend and business partner that she is, she bought us a cake.

What’s a better thing to say is that the story has evolved and the business now both merits  and will benefit from having its own identity.

The company is called Rule #6. Rule #6 is “Stop taking yourself yourself so damn’ seriously, will you?” So I am not going to change my LinkedIn profile to “Co-Founder & Chairman” and Marjolein won’t put up “Co-Founder & CEO”, if you don’t mind.

We have put up a website today that conveys what we stand for. That is the next chapter in putting the business in the world.

“What took you so long?” I can hear you thinking. Well, it was also a process of invention and reinvention as we figure out what it means to work together.

I am proud that we got this far.

What are you proud of this year?

If you want to have a sneak peek, it’s here: rule #6


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