When I reinvent myself, I write a book. I did so in 2008 after a venture went sour and I nearly went broke. I did the same in 2013. I thought I would have a well filled year and then the plug got yanked out of all my projects.

In the first book, I coined a metaphor for describing the work that each of us has to do as we progress throughout life. We all have these moments where it feels like something fundamental is revealed to us and we feel completely alive and vibrant. Fully ourselves.

You’d think we’d stick to that. But then, inevitably, life happens and we lose it, in small or big ways.

That’s when we walk around and inadvertently bump in to a lamppost. And if we’re honest: it’s the same lamppost, most of the time. It’s usually also just a few feet from your house. At least I know that’s true for me. The one pictured above is mine.

If something isn’t working out, I tend to blame that entirely on myself, go in to self doubt, self-shaming, slip into inertia and boom, before you know it, I slide in to a depression. Nothing good usually comes out of that in the short term.

The funny thing is that I already know the recipe to get me out of it. It’s probably why we called our company rule #6stop taking yourself so  f*cking seriously, will you?

When I dug up parts of that book for this post, I realised there’s another one.

Eat your own dog food.

These are what I (pompously) called “fundamental truths” in that first book:

  1. Life is exactly what you make of it. Nothing more, but certainly, nothing less. And then you die.
  2. You always have a choice. What drives it determines the outcome. What guides you? Love or fear?
  3. What you do will change you. What you don’t too. What you think won’t.
  4. Not doing something you resist will cost you much more energy than just doing it.

Fundamental truths for me, that I should have stuck to the wall a long time ago.

*BING* Ouch. Thanks, lamppost. Thanks, also, better self, for knocking on my door. Again. These will be my guideposts for 2017.

Where’s your lamppost? And when did you last eat your own dog food?

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