“Life imitates art” was supposed to be the title of this piece. I was sure, you see, as I was walking up to my study, that I made this great shot of a Buzz Lightyear toy lying discarded in some corner of our hallway. Life imitates art.

That’s nice, because I like it that when I write there is an image that goes with the writing. Or sometimes there’s an image, like the one I was looking for, that prompts the writing.

Then I got to my desk and started looking. And I couldn’t find the image. And I noticed I started to lose my train of thought that I had for what I wanted write.

And that’s what often happens, I think. Something pops up and it becomes an excuse for not staying focused and executing on it.

That missing image could have become an excuse to continue to search and miss my window to write today.

So I picked another one. Because what I see and photograph or see and write about is my unique perspective. I freeze reality for a moment and reflect on it. To that end, what image ends up above a post is completely inconsequential. Because the chance that someone did that in precisely the same way is 1 in 1.7 billion, as a colleague of mine has figured out.

How do you stop and look at the world?

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