It’s those Millennials…

Today I saw a great video with an interview with Simon Sinek. He talked persuasively about how hard millennials have it to deal with life and reality. Phone and social media use feature prominently in it.

I urge you to watch it, millennial or not. We are all affected more or less by our need for a dopamine fix. And our phones and social media provide us with that. But it leads to addictive behaviour.

Paradoxically, since I started writing this blog, my time on my phone and social media has been reduced drastically. I write, I post, I cross post and get on with my day. Or today, as you can see from the late timing of my post, my day got on with me. I do more stuff in the real world.

In our house we agreed we’ll find a way to do less on screens.

How bad is your phone addiction? Really?

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