I am a little bit slow today, for understandable reasons. The day is being spent clearing up Christmas decorations and reading Michael Lewis’ latest book, The Undoing Project

Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky are brilliant thinkers (if you are brilliant, you get a present tense from me, even if you are no longer alive) in the field of psychology. They were also great friends. Lewis wrote a book about their work, their friendship and how it has impacted all of us. As only Michael Lewis can do. I am hooked. So much so that I almost didn’t write a post today.

The men are quite famous for “undoing” theories of other scientists.

Undoing is word I have come to love. While you want to avoid your undoing, you might actually avoid it by undoing things. It’s full of possibilities.

What can you think of undoing?

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