Road trip.

Ah. A road trip. There’s nothing that beats a road trip. Here’s a shot from a long time ago, when we had double incomes and no kids. To Scotland. It was an epic journey, involving terribly proper Christmas parties, tugging non 4×4 powered cars up the hill to the house through snow and lots of laughter with my wife. Who wasn’t even formally my wife at the time, come to think of it.

Another one that I remember vividly is one with a colleague. He said “Do you want to work with me in Copenhagen?” And I answered “Yes. But only if we make it a road trip.” So we did. And it became one of the best prepared and delivered workshops I ever did. Because we had built a container and achieved a flow state, thanks to the road trip. It brings about slow thinking. That’s where and how you best solve hairy problems.

I would love more road trips this year. I like problems – in the scientific sense of the word. I haven’t encountered one that stayed unsolved on a road trip so far.

What problem would merit a road trip? Or to flip it: what road trip merits a problem?

Free writing inspiration tip of the day: treat your laptop as a treasure trove by randomly browsing the hard drive. Find picture. Write post.


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