I wrote a lot on Quora. It has been a great platform for making new friends, finding likeminded people and simply learning and most of all, learning to write better.

One such answer was a good inspiration for where I get my inspiration:

My uncle was the lead engineer on building the Thames Barrier. As a result we spent a lot of time in Blighty when I was really young. That and my parents speaking English when they didn’t want me to understand something were a sure-fire way to raise me bilingually.

My parents had friends in England. My father would drive me to Ostend or Calais and the friends would pick me up on the other side of the Channel. From when I was 13, I got to discover London on foot. England in particular is thus linked to finding out who I was, becoming independent and finding my own way. Against the backdrop of Britain reinventing itself in the early Eighties, it’s hard not to feel almost a Londoner.

Later in life, when I was working as COO of a small investment management firm, I got to know rural Scotland. We held office for a while in a grand old pile of stones atop Loch Kinlochard. That’s where the road trip was to.

In 2013, I booked a cheap hotel near the Old Spitalfields Market, an area that is regenerating itself, bustling with creativity. I hung out around there for a couple of days and kickstarted my book Crack The Code there. And in 2014, I finally got to live there for a year.

I love the UK and its people for creativity, wit, self-deprecation and (inverted) snobbery, reinvention in a distinctly English way, civility, humour and conviviality.

And for what they’ve given me when I needed it. Thanks, Blighty.

Whenever I need a reset, I book a ticket to London.

As Samuel Johnson famously said: “When a man is tired of London, he’s tired of life.

Where do you go for inspiration?

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