What made you laugh today?

Today was off to a good start. I saw this widget. It’s a little hatch that you can stick over your webcam and it opens and closes.

That made me smile because it’s clever. A gift from a law firm, which has a sizeable privacy practice. And in a very friendly and useful way, it has acquired a near permanent piece of real estate on a client’s desktop. That’s no small feat in the permission and endorsement arena.

So in being present and really noticing things, I smile a lot of different smiles throughout the day. From “Ha, I see what you did there” to genuine wonder-and-delight smiles. Oh, and the face my wife just pulled when I told her I was having toast with lemon curd for breakfast.

That made me laugh out loud. And it isn’t even 10 o’clock yet.

What made you laugh today?


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