What keeps you awake at night?

Last night, in bed,  I was listening to a conversation between James Altucher and Ryan Holiday.

What struck me most was the great flow and the respect that these guys have for each other. I also got a few great insights and concepts from it. And then I dozed off, with my headphones on. Not because they were boring, but because I was tired.

Then I woke up again. I couldn’t sleep anymore, I had too much brewing in my head.  I listened to the part of the talk I missed and I spent about an hour thinking. In the end I went to sleep quite late.

I used fret and obsess about that. Loosing sleep can’t be right, right? One day in my therapy training, my teacher said: “The night always does its work, if you let it.”  So that’s what I do these days. I take it as an opportunity to deal with whatever presents itself.

Last night, I stared into the virtual fire and did some really good thinking.  Some thanks to James, some as a counterpoint to how he does things. And went to sleep fulfilled.

Thanks, guys, for keeping me awake in a good way.

What keeps you awake at night?



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