I found several bags with the remains of loaves of bread on the kitchen top. My impulse was to throw them out, but usually something’s on a pile for a reason. I asked my wife.

“They’re for the birds”, and on she went.

My wife cares deeply about the garden and the birds in it. Me, not so much. As in: I love them, but I don’t have an automatic reminder in my head necessarily to put out breadcrumbs because it’s cold outside.

She left for a walk into the village with #1. I started plucking the bread into breadcrumbs with attention and noticed my breathing slowing down and ending up where it’s supposed to be in my body. I reflected on one of my wife’s qualities. She’s never boastful of things. She just does them. With great care. Up to being meticulous about them.

Then I put on my wellies, inhaled some crisp morning air and put the breadcrumbs in the bird house.

What can you learn from walking a few steps in somebody else’s shoes?


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