I am staying with a friend. We’ll be visiting a conference together for the next two days.

We talked a lot about how we see last night.

It’ll be thirty years soon since we’ve known each other. That’s a long time. In the past, we’ve let how we see things get in the way of our friendship. Now, we just have a very deep appreciation for how each of us looks at things.

We share a sense of aesthetics and increasingly the same sense for it. That’s in small things too. It is a joy to notice that he somehow found the smell of rosemary & mint, combined, as pleasant as I do.

For both of us, aesthetics show up in how we chisel at words. In how we appreciate other art. For others, it’s how they are able to see that that is off by 20 pixels.

What about your aesthetics? How do they inform your work?

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