I woke up a little cranky because it was very busy in me last night. I had a bad dream and lay awake for quite some time after three.

Then I saw the sunrise. The sun rises every day. It doesn’t care how I slept.

Neither does it care who becomes President. It just rises and sets.

The sun even doesn’t care whether at some point, through our own doing or not doing, we cease to exist. As individuals or as a species.

The sun will still rise. And set.

Someone said the other day when we discussed why we are on such a seemingly destructive course: “because they do not see the children.”

The problem is in the “they”. Whenever we say “they”, it makes THEM less. And us “better”, through no virtue of our own.

I see my children every day. For what I know, seeing my children informs my values and what I chose to act upon. I am not the future. I have no rights to it.

Yet I fail at truly seeing often. I am imperfect. Also where it comes to my children. And that made me realise that is how I also fail to see the children, at a deeper layer.

Regardless, the sun will rise again tomorrow and I can start afresh.

We have a choice. Every day. How we chose determines the future.

Today I ask you to reflect on what you can do differently. How you can rise to making better choices for the future. For the children.

What’s the sunrise asking you to do, today?

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