Unintended side effects.

You may have noticed I write every day, by now. I sure have.

It has unintended side effects.

Good ones. For one, my writing improves every day. More importantly though, my perception of my writing improves every day. Weirdly, or not so weirdly, that segues in to my perception of myself.

While working on an article, I picked up an early copy of my book. I thought I covered some of what I wanted to address in the article. Pretty neatly, even.

When I reread it, I just thought: “Wow. This is shit. It misses the point by a mile.

Normally, the ensuing thought would have been: “I am shit.” Which tends to lead to all sorts of problems, as you may know from personal experience with that kind of inner dialogue.

Now I just thought: “Oh, there’s a much better way to articulate that.” So that’s what I am working on, among other things, this week.

Thanks, Art, for raising the bar on my writing (again) and lifting the veil on how thinking about that works.

What do you do to challenge your perception?

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