Lucky bastard.

A while ago my wife gave me this CD. Whoever came up with the nonsensical “to gift/gifted/was gifted” as a verb anyway? Sorry. I digress. It has my favourite Bach cantata on it. (Ich habe genug, for the Bach freaks among you)

That would have been quite problematic a while ago.

You see, I was stuck on the belief that the only one to ever sing this one properly was Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, a bariton. We also love Jaroussky, a counter tenor. That’s an acquired taste. But now he’s made a recording of my favourite cantata. My wife even gave it to me!

I notice that since I am more informed by curiosity, I am a lot less held back by or interested in beliefs.

He certainly didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t better or worse. It was just different. And beautiful.

In a few hours, my wife will be home and we get to go to Amsterdam. We’ll hear this precise set as a live performance in the Concertgebouw, arguably one of the best concert halls in the world. Sung by Jaroussky. Doing that requires a lot of logistical juggling in our household. I am sure that will be worth it on many levels.

I feel fortunate. That, in turn, makes me feel grateful.

What can you feel fortunate about?

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