Stirred, not shaken.


This was a pretty intense day. It had big ups and one large down. First up, it was also full. This is the first moment I have time to sit down and write. That doesn’t agree with me, I am noticing. I need to start with writing or at least be able to attune to it from when I wake up. That didn’t happen today. On top, reality has a way of biting you in the butt at many levels, as the pile of laundry attests as the simplest, most superficial manifestation.

It seems that balance is something we all seek, until we notice that we are out of balance somewhere anyway.

But rather than shaken, I am stirred – with the commitment to do better. I can attribute merely stirred to more mindfulness as a habit. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I will go and sort some laundry. Mindfully.

What’s a simple task you can do more mindfully?

And I deliberately accept the haziness of the picture. That was hard.

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