We were at a very dear friend’s birthday party. Her son and his family gave her this box. In it where two beautiful handcrafted, tin mussels.

I don’t know how you eat them, but with a father who hails from Scheveningen, a fishers’ town and a mother who has roots in Zeeland, where we get our mussels from, I learnt to eat them the simplest way.

You pull the first one out of the shell with your fingers and then you use the shell of that one, pretty much like tweezers, to eat the rest.

These let you do that too, only they’ve been poured in silver tin. Exquisitely. You may have noticed that I geek out over craftsmanship of any kind. They’re from De Tinnen Roos, a small artisanal tin pouring company.

If you see yourself (f/m) as a craftsman, with it comes responsibility.

That’s one of the reasons things made by or done from craftsmanship are often so good.

When you look at what you do as craftsmanship, how do you stack up?

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