Ten out of ten.

It clearly was their day. Swimming pool? Check. Politically incorrect lunch? Check. Netflix and chill, in its most innocent form? Check. Browsing dinner? Check. Going to bed late because there is no school tomorrow? Check.

“Are we bad parents because we do this?” asked my wife. “Nah.” was my response. This happens maybe a couple of times a year. The rest is well structured and responsible. “I’ll ask them what they think.” “Ten out of ten”, is the score we got from the children today.

Most of it was in the moment. Towards the end, there was some strain. That’s the Sisyphus effect. And I am not as good as Sisyphus. So I can’t always smile.

For me, for that reason, it was eight out of ten. I hold space. That’s what I do in life. But every day I write later, I become more convinced that I need to do this before I do anything else.

I’ll be better if I do that. Oh well. Tomorrow’s another day.

What do you need to do to be better?


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