Energy drain.

There’s nothing remarkable about the home screen of my phone. What is remarkable is what you are not seeing.

I deleted Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn and Medium from it. I noticed I was spending much more time than I agreed upon with myself on social media. It culminated in walking around in powerless rage about all sorts of things I have zero control over, yesterday. I am pretty sure there is a direct correlation between that and my social media consumption.

Butbutbutbut… I am supposed to be building my brand on social media! I am engaging with people! Are you really? If you want to engage with me, you can write or call me. When I want engage with you, I will do the same. And I’ll be mindful of your time and energy.

Anyway, ‘nuf said. I am going on a diet. I will write and publish every day, but I am not going to get sucked into The Void anymore. At least, not as much as I have been. If I take that as a starting point, I don’t have to be perfect and I can change a habit easily. So far that has worked for not smoking for the longest time in recent history too. Did you know social media plays on your addictive traits as well?

Which energy drain bullet are you not biting?


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