Why do you get out of bed?

The other day I found a print of a cartoon that I must have cut out somewhere in 2001 as I was getting started as an independent.

It underlines the purpose behind my work: I want to make organisations healthier places to be in.

We spend more time in organisations than with our loved ones and friends. But we often treat them as a parallel universe where the rules of being human only apply loosely. This is unhealthy for people and organisations. We short-change ourselves and the companies we work for. When they go to work, many people feel compelled to adopt a mask that leaves 70% of who they are at home. That’s how we settle for mediocrity at work together, instead of a high-performance meritocracy. And inadvertently, foster toxicity.

That’s why companies often feel riddled with complexity, in my book.

Mm. Funny I should mention that. I recently reframed what I love doing: solving complex, interesting problems with good people.

I feel very fortunate that I have found a space where I can combine what is important to me with with what I love doing. That’s one of the reasons I get out bed happily in the morning.

Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

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