Last week, our daughter (six) had to read a piece from a newspaper and provide a wrap up of it in class.

She is only just starting to read. It seems she does this the same way as with everything she learns: she wants to deconstruct the underlying system. Then, she gets on with it.

She made notes. Then both my wife and I wanted to help her summarise. This was a great, spontaneous moment to see what learning style she has. One of us made a bulleted list, the other a drawing. She looked puzzled at the bulleted list. She grabbed the drawing and delivered a flowing, clear summary from that.

She’s visually oriented. We can push her to make bulleted lists or encourage her to experiment with ways that work for her.

The latter seems much more effective to us. It’s wonderful to see how each of our three kids is finding their own way. In their own way.

What’s your learning style?

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