Good things.

Do you notice how you accumulate stuff over the years? We certainly do, having merged two households imperfectly nearly twelve years ago. My wife discovered Marie Kondo. This means she is clearing up the house by categories (and I am happy to help).

Because it happens by category, things stand out. Stuff you haven’t touched for years. Sometimes that means you need to dump it. Or pass it on, preferably. At other times, it means you can look at them with new appreciation and decide to keep and you know, actually use them. What a novel concept.

For example, because they are great. These plates found me a long time ago, as an almost complete set. They date from 1922 and were made by the Regout factory. Now long defunct, their work outlives them.

We decided to honour that craftsmanship by using them every day from now on. We’ll treat them with care. So we won’t put them in the dishwasher and instead, just wash them by hand. They’ll probably last another 100 years like that.

What can you use with more appreciation?

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