Scenes from a household.

My wife is on a business trip. When either one of us does that, there’s an effect on the children. They don’t like us being away.

There’s no arguing with that. And they know it. This means I spent an hour and a half longer getting them in bed. Then, they ended up in the big bed. This is an inalienable right, you see, because when “You go away Mom ALWAYS lets us sleep in the big bed with her!”

Of course, that meant I ended up on a mattress on the floor. After one of them dropped out of bed. And then, much later, my eldest took pity on me – or couldn’t sleep on account of sibling limbs flopping around in the big bed. Or both. So he insisted he’d sleep on his mattress.

That made it quite hard to get them out of bed. Not to mention myself. But we managed to make it to school. Four minutes before class started. I screamed only once. And no other corners were cut. I swear.

Mathias pointed out in a vulnerable post how parents feel compelled to share only the “good” stuff. So here’s to being straight about parenting. It’s also pretty hard sometimes. But you know what? Because I am writing about it, I am literally laughing out loud at us as I write.

A reminder of why our company is called rule #6: stop taking yourself so fucking seriously will you?

What in your life might benefit from a little less seriousness?

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