Ceci n’est pas …

…une pipe. The famous painting by Magritte and an oft used sentence to redefine a category of something. What you’re seeing isn’t a haute couture atelier, it isn’t even a fancy café.

It’s a chippy. A snack bar, as we call it in Dutch. A portion of chips (fries for my American friends) starts from € 3.50. “Depends on which sauce you choose” said the nice girl who let me taste the chips. The sauce was way too pronounced. The chips were very greasy and while obviously sort of hand cut, not very good. I smiled at her and complimented her on the business model. They signed on a famous chef to give it its further allure.

I walked around the corner and laughed out loud. It all looks sexy as fuck. But it completely lacked love. I wrote about that somewhere earlier.

No, let’s juxtapose that, as I did in the picture, with the butcher shop that I walked in afterwards. Or the Pre A Porsche 356 I saw shortly after that.

The difference: pure, unadulterated love.

I bought two sorts of handcrafted sausages and fresh filet americain for tomorrow’s lunch. No pretence, just like a hundred years ago. I found myself asking if I could pay with my debit card because it felt so 1950. The cost: € 6.85

How do your true colours show up in your brand?

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