Walk & talk.

My work is to help people be better. Better at whatever they want to be better at. Increasingly, that’s about being more whole. One of the things I try to do when we work together is to show the power of what my friend Hilary calls relational space.

I am not sure that she included the power or influence of physical environment in her original definition. Luckily we get to walk and talk soon, so I can ask her about that. I am adamant that it is a major factor in how conversations flow. This is why I have sought to take teams on a physical journey whenever I could or why I want to walk and talk if I am trying to reframe a relationship with someone.

I was mindful of that today. I was walking the exact same round I walked with a friend as we walked some three years ago, then for the first time. By the end of this round we were friends, as we are now. Our friendship has deepened greatly in these three years. It feels much longer and richer than “just” three years.

What’s calling for a walk and talk in your life?

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