We spent a serious amount of time in conversation the last few days. One of the thoughts that came up was that if the company we were thinking about together ceases to be an experiment, this would be a real problem.

What’s going on is pretty radical sometimes. Uncharted territory. Most management books are useless. Then somebody writes a book about it and it turns out he doesn’t really eat his own dog food. That difficult space – we were doing the best we could to eat it-  put us in hot water in the past. That wasn’t a pretty sight from anybody’s perspective. But we learnt. And we reconciled – after a break.

In different settings, with different people, congruence, consistency, culture and fun where a big part of our dialogue today.

It was wonderful to have these conversations. I was moved by them. Guys usually don’t exchange text messages with each other after a talk. We did.

And on top of that, we got on with the experiment and I had time to tinker on stuff.

I felt seen today.

Warts and all. So did a few others, I am sure. That’s the point.

The rest will follow if you can be brave enough to make that your starting point. Because it’s so much easier to work together from there.

How do you define your true colours?

How much space do you make for that in your business?

Oh, and I just noticed a “writo” as opposed to a typo in my doodle. Can you spot it? How petty are you about you own stuff? That of others? 

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