Highs & lows.

Somebody made this a while ago. It made me laugh out loud. 140 characters or less, please.

Give me my fix (of profound inspiration, no less).

Nothing too complex though, just something soothing, please.

Explain the world.

Govern it.


In 140 or less.


A friend sent me a text message from the North of England.

It was at once weird – because it was a poem in a text message, which is a paradox in relation to what I am trying to say here – and very beautiful, because it was profound.

It spoke to the same sense I have after this day.

You can’t deal with everything with immediacy.

Some things need time. Some things you may not even understand this lifetime. Some things we fail to understand as mankind, altogether.

They’re too big. And that’s fine.

Today was a wild ride in many ways.

I was present for all of it. That’s what counts.

Because I found that when you can do that, you’re left mostly with joy and gratitude.

How did you show up today?

Oh, and listening to Händel’s most boisterous stuff as you write does help, enormously, too.

Thanks, Grand Old Man.

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