A few years back, we had the opportunity to do some amazing work with a group of change agents.

Part of it involved sitting down in circle in one of my favourite spots in the national park on a beautiful day.

I walked past that spot today and it no longer existed. All the trees had been cut. Somebody had put up a really industrial bridge to cross the hollow road.

Maybe the trees were sick. Maybe someone had broken an ankle going down the impromptu steps and somebody decided “something has to be done!” and slapped a bridge in place.

I just don’t get why they did it.

It was a stark reminder that even if you are in the business of making change happen, you can still be confronted with this basic truth: the first gut response to change is usually aggravation of some kind. I really hated it. At once.

That’s probably why bringing about change is hard. We tend to hate it. At least at first.

How do you feel about change?

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