International Women’s Day

Today I want to honour my mother.

I learnt a lot from her. She is a staunch feminist, so come my thirteenth birthday, I was handed a wallet and notified that from now on I was old enough to go shopping and cook at least once a week. Also, that making beds and ironing shirts was my own responsibility.

That’s one of sources of the 50/50 split in running our household.

What I think I am most grateful for though, to both my parents, but my mother in particular, is that they taught me it pays to stand for something, that you should treat all people on the basis of equality – there is so much beauty in difference (I vividly remember being taken to have tea with the local imam) – and to be independent and curious in all aspects of life.

I am proud of you, for all you did, but specifically for women, throughout your life.

Which woman will you honour today?

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