I just got back from The Hague. This morning started in Rotterdam. It was a full day in many ways.

I lived in Rotterdam for 17 years and I have been coming there for all my life, since my family is from there. It’s remarkable to see how the city as reshaped and reinvented itself after being bombed out in the Second World War.

To the point that it is now a tourist destination and even cruise ships find their way into midtown again, after decades. Which I snapped quickly while avoiding the many traffic jams on my way.

For me it’s a proud sight.

Michael posted a little thought piece about how every one has her or his own timezone. And stuff happens when it happens – in your life- when it needs to happen. There’s no point in comparing your life to that of others. Because they’re in their timezone and you in yours.

But you can rejoice for them when they do well. Or be there for them when they don’t.

As with people, as with cities. Rotterdam’s time is now. That’s cool. And as with this city, so with people: if you are capable of reinventing yourself, your time will come. Again.

What’s up for you?

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