On the brink.

The daylight has long faded away. The moon was so spectacular I pulled over and watched it. Photographing it never works.

I attended a launch event for a new charity.

I love how women take ownership and lead. We need more of that.

It was a very rich day. There is much to appreciate, but I haven’t fully wrapped my head around it yet.

The day started at a little before seven. I am now ready to close out. It’s ten to twelve. We woke up to an interesting result in our elections. Our democracy still works.

It’s on the brink – and I feel I am on the brink of something. I am not quite sure what it will be.

On days like these, I am reminded why I should get up earlier and write then. I feel I could have done better at it today if I had done it at a different moment during the day.

What could you have done better?

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