Letter box.

Walking through Amsterdam this week, I saw this letter box.

It pretty much sums up the point of view of the left side of the Netherlands: the Volkskrant (The People’s Paper, verbatim) YES and de Telegraaf NO. The Telegraaf is a right-leaning, populist paper. It made me smile. And think.

The letter box is found somewhere in the heart of the Canal district. On a single, privately owned building. In other words, worth some € 2 million or a derivative in monthly rent.

The traditional social democrat left has lost. The “new” left won. Green-Left now has 14 seats. Yet Wilders’ populist party gained five seats, his populist yet polar opposite counterpart DENK gained three on their first run. His intellectually superior younger brother Baudet at the FvD got two on his first run.

So while a “normal” or perhaps better put, traditional majority coalition is absolutely possible, out of 150 seats, 29 are likely to be occupied by mostly right wing populist populists, some with extreme views. And for the next four years, they’re mainly going to be against things, rather than in favour of something.

We have work to do.

I’d like to live in a country where we can be in favour of something together (and no, not just our lousy football team, that doesn’t count).

History has shown us that when we did that, we all won. Across the board.

What can you be in favour of?

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