More math.

I used to not like math.

In the last two years, however, I have come to see the beauty of math. More specifically, algorithms and to be even more precise, framing organisational practices clearly in IF/THEN thinking.

This can drive effectiveness and efficiency.

But there is also a point where it stops solving problems and starts adding to sustaining them. Or even creates new ones.

“More math isn’t the solution”, as two very bright clients concluded independently in the same week, about organisations and governing them.

You can try to impose all the logic you want, but there are so many intangibles and variables that you will inevitably hit boundaries.

If you assume control, mechanistically defined, as an option, you can safely assume that you are not in control.

Organisations are deterministic, exceedingly complex systems, as Stafford Beer concluded as early as 1958. Which he then subsequently began proving with math.

So it might also be that we have just become less good at pure math.

What’s the real problem?


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