Every once in a while you need to pick up a book and reappraise it.

Does it still make sense or is it crap? The one above was a big inspiration a long time ago.

Some of the stuff in it came true. Some of it looks positively cute today. And it came out in 1999. It’s interesting, because it foreshadows an alternative, happier, more open future that didn’t happen. Or only partially.

Then the Internet bubble burst and 9/11 happened. And now we are all cramped up about lots of stuff. Nowhere more so than in the USA.

That doesn’t matter. In eternity, this is just a blip.

What matters is that back in the days, it was a formative book for me to make up my mind to act differently.

So it was nice to leaf through it. And it reaffirmed that most of the people I care about and whose point of view and work matter to me, still believe and use the same building blocks.

Openness, transparency and whole systems thinking will help us more than their opposites, even if these seem all the rage currently.

What really matters, after all those years?

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