Superpowers and what not.

We all have to be superheroes. With unique superpowers. The end of the world as we know it is near. It is. Just around the corner, seriously. Differentiate yourself or perish!

Scaremongering, bollocks and other vintage marketing tactics. So much for the hyperbole.

I’d like us to slow down and take stock more. The way craftspeople do. And have been for centuries. They look. They pause. They study. They make. They eat. They live. They love. They sleep.

And then they wake up and start afresh, honing their craft. Every day.

That’s it.

The robots or the algorithms will take over, apparently. They will, probably. In domains where it’s useful and economic.

As long as we record history, THIS would be the end of THAT. Frequently, it was. And we’re still here.

The image is a slide composed by my 8 year old. He is learning the craft of storytelling, fast.

What’s your real craft? How do you hone it?

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