Putting it in the middle.

We like to be in control in organisations. Even if we say we don’t. We still want to be smart – we need to come up with the best solution. That’s why we are a leader. That’s why we get paid. Right?

I asked Peter Senge what he felt was the really important thing, a few years back. He answered what I expected: the capability to foster reflective conversations.

Increasingly, the image that comes up when I help foster these is: “you need to put it in the middle”, whatever the it is. This is what is allows a team to explore dilemmas, without blamestorming and to find a way forward that works. For now.

Because as you progress, the context changes. What you came up with may cease to be relevant, or simply stop working.

That’s why it is crucial to keep putting what is important to you as a tribe in the middle and explore it from all sides, regularly.

What do you need to put in the middle?

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