Fishy rice.

The most important thing isn’t in the image.

This entire experiment got started with the rice. I cooked salmon fillets for my kids.

But because I have been watching “The Mind of A Chef” extensively, I had to do better. So the salmon got cooked in butter, shallots, pepper, salt and water.

What was left over when I took out the salmon was such a delight of umami without being bitter or too fishy that I decided to slow cook rice in it.

The point is: I made something new today.

I know I thrive if I am seen and I make something. I can check that box today, with gratitude.

I also realised I can organise that for myself, everyday.

How did you fare today?

Thanks for the sensory shock and inspiration, Anthony Bourdain, Edward Lee & Francis Malmann.

I see you.

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