Level 3 – Operating systems.

Computers have operating systems, so do we. Like there are Linux, Windows and Mac OS, we usually operate on three types: open, closed, random. Everybody who’s ever used computers in a professional setting intuitively understands that as a general rule, unless somebody makes an effort and writes special code, computers working on one operating system have difficulties -sometimes it’s even impossible- communicating with each other. Yet most people are not aware that they frequently clash with other people because, well… they just have different operating systems.

People with a RANDOM orientation: you value individual freedom. You’re are (described as) creative. You don’t do anything in a particular order. You like to move forward fast. Sometimes you find it hard to deal with authority and hierarchy. You like trying or even creating new things. On the flip side, when you come under pressure, people may perceive you as totally unstructured, veering towards anarchic.

People with a CLOSED orientation: you like things to be neat and organized. People appreciate you for being orderly, structured and professional. You like delivering on target. Sometimes you have difficulties relating to people because you don’t understand why they just cannot do tasks the way you like to do them. On the flip side, people may perceive you as overly hierarchic and inflexible.

People with an OPEN orientation: you foster relationships. You sort of keep the bunch together. You do not like conflicts or confrontation. People value you for your attentiveness and ability to adapt, which smoothens edges and gets things done. On the flip side, sometimes you get stuck in processes too much: you succumb to the tyrannical side of democracy and analysis.

What O.S. do you run on?

This post is the fourth part of a group of five. The earlier ones are close to this one in the timeline.

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