I did not publish here for a while. I was going deeply inward and there wasn’t much worthwhile to publish.

I abide by the rule that if you have nothing to say, you should shut up.

I also found that with where I was, rather than getting benefit from writing and publishing every day, which I did for a while, I started to see it as a chore.

I saw a great play with my eldest and parents. It was developed and directed by one of my oldest friends. It’s loosely based on St George and the dragon.

The fabulous flip was that it framed the story towards the dragons that live inside us. This turned it into an incredibly beautiful and vulnerable performance. It moved me.

The side effect is that my son and I now have common language to talk about our dragons and how we face them.

More, not daily, but certainly regularly, when I feel I have something useful to say.

What does your dragon look like? Does it have a name?


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